'54 Barndoor Panel.

These first few pictures are not very good quality, (hard luck!) however they will give you the general idea of this bus.

count the barndoors in this picture optional rear flap + no rear window

What a shed!!!

The panel is a '54, chassis number 20 99798 which was supplied with the options of twin cargo doors and an opening rear flap with no rear window. This is pretty rare, in fact I only know of two other Barndoor with double cargo doors, (one in the UK and one in Norway). However, if you know of more please e-mail me I would love to know how many there are out there.

(Pictures would obviously be very greatfully received!)

This bus was saved from the scrap yard on the day it was due to be squashed! (by Roger 'Der Bulli Berater', check out his barndoor page in my recommended links). Sadly the scrap yard had picked up the bus using the roof and in doing so, have bent it pretty badly. However I was lucky enough to get a spare barndoor roof with my purchase, so the repair of this damage should be 'reasonably'? straight forward.

This side could have been worse I suppose.....

.........perhaps a bit like this side!!!

Just surface rust!!!!

The front arches are reasonable.
(even though they are the wrong ones!)

The cab divider is great...what a surprise.

One careful owner............

but that was bloody years ago!

As you have seen in the photos, the rear side panels (quarter panels) are very bad. Therefore, I am either looking for some nos sides to repair it (.......anybody got any?) or more realistically I will use and modify the sides from a Brasilia. You also saw that the front arches had been replaced at some time as they are the thin type. This minor error will be corrected. Other than these nastys the van is basically your average well used very battered industrial vehicle. It is nice however that it was spared the normal butchering of having windows cut in the side, a fate which seems to happen to a lot of panel vans.

Finally!! I have collected this bus.......and about blimin' time I hear you cry!


On the top of the panel van there is the spare roof that came with my purchase. It is a little rotten at the front (and a little furry!), but will do the job.

More photos to come.