Recommended Links

BUS links or OTHER links


Rogers Barndoor Page.
Barndoor bus page, with good info. and a list of most known survivors. Well worth a visit.
Kubels too!
Classic Finnish VW's.
A tasteful site. The best bit is the changing mainpage picture. See them all by clicking this link, change 1 to a number less than or equal to 16. (Number 15 is a personal favourite!)
Thom's Barndoor Bus Page
Thom has a huge site packed with pictures and information.
E-bus / VW Planet
An absolutely enormous site, many pictures, original literature, information, and a good classifieds section, (dominated by American and Canadian ads.)
Strictly Vintage
All beautiful old things, plus a good classifieds section specific to v.early buses and cars.
The site of the Split Screen Van Club. This site has a lively bulletin board. Check it out.
Richard Stainsby's bus page.
This page takes a peek at Barndoors in the UK.
Tonny Larsens
A new site with more Barndoors than you could wave a stick at + some good photos of design changes.
VW-Bus Club Koblenz
German based VW bus club
Das Bullikartei Mate.
German VW bus club, including classifieds and that beautiful mobile museum.
John Maher Racing.
John's site hosts one of the best message boards for info on aircooled motors. Ya can go shopping too!

OTHER links
National Geographic.
The site of the National Geographic perchance!.
Lonely Planet.
Following in the same theme, this could well be the site of the Lonely Planet!
Telegraph on line.
Now this is just getting plain silly. Possibly the site of the telegraph....on line!
Mountain bike Reviews.
This page has review forums on places to ride, bikes, components etc. Be will end up muddy on the top of a hill before you know it.
Zoe Hilton's Artwork.
Zoe does happen to be my cousin and she also happens to be a blimin' good artist. Check her stuff out.

More to come!!!!