Peloponese Treasure

Greece is developing unbelievably fast, and whilst focus is on lowering inflation in time to join the E.M.U, unfortunately the state of the landscape is being overlooked. This is highly apparent around the area of Patras (or Patrash! as it is unaffectionately known by it's transient tourist trade) which has begun to resemble an enormous building site. The location of Patrash! is on the north coast of the peloponese sandwiched between beautiful mountains, high enough to be covered in snow during the winter months, and the batheable water of the gulf of Corinth. This is an area, therefore, of extraordinary topographic variety. Sadly, it is now largely destroyed by one long breathless strip of construction which scars its way onward to Athens. This deluge of construction is also spreading. At the moment the peloponese is still one place scattered with spectacular regions of natural beauty, but as nothing is done to prevent development in these sites, this page is dedicated, not posthumously yet but very soon, to some of the treasures that can be found.

A deserted bay in Messinia. The exact location is a secret. Go find it yourself.
The same bay in the other direction.
OK. I will give you one clue. Odesseus's son probably landed near there when he visited the first person he asked about his father.
Ancient Castle.
A beautiful sandy lagoon and an ancient castle (unimaginatively called ancient castle!). The castle is on top of the hill. Look carefully!

The same area showing the sandy lagoon

Kalavrita ski resort. It is rumoured that people actually ski here, and don't just use the lift to visit the cafe!

Some old rocks (B.C.!). The road actually goes through here.

Flowers, more old rocks, and a mountain.

Up and over, into the mountains behind Patrash.

More to come!!!!