Brasilia Restoration Story

Whilst looking for parts for my Devon, I accidentally bought this Brasilia from a scrap yard in Derby, England.

At the time the bus was being used as a shed for VW tinware. (I really had bought a shed this time!) The manager of the scrap yard had known the previous owner and so was able to tell me some of the bus's history.

Amazingly, this bus was found in the middle of the Oman desert! A British soldier, (who I think was working in Dubai), had seen this bus, broken and abandoned in the sand, and had decided to repair it.

Now it is pretty hot in Dubai, especially for an Englishman, and before too long he had taken enough sun on the head to come up with the cunning plan of driving the bus back to the U.K!

When I started to clean this bus, I not only found enough different kinds and colours of sand to make myself a sand ornament, but I also found enough left over garbage to work out his route back from Dubai! He went this way:-

United Arab Emerates-Saudi Arabia-Egypt-Israel-Greece-Yugoslavia-Central Europe

If you are this crazy geezer please E-mail me, I would love to have a chat.

(How did you get permission to drive through Saudi Arabia?)

The chassis numbers of exported buses do not seem to follow the same rules as buses sold in Brazil. If anyone has any information about exported Brazilian buses please contact me, and I will post it on my page. Thanks

The Rebuild.

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