Barndoors of Consequence

'54 RHD double door panel van.
This bus is great.....what more can you say!
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'54 Chassis number. 20 81463.
This bus is a very tasteful example of a standard, (a kombi with higher quality trim.).
For a limited time only, this bus is revealing all!!!!
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'52 Chassis number. 20 26662.
This is a rare '52 RHD bus which is sadly very, very sick!
Do you think you can save it?
Click on the 'wrong!' rear light to see the patient.

'51 Chassis number. 20 017894.
A '51 deluxe bus built in the third/ fourth month of deluxe manufacture. A survivor?......sadly a more of a victim
Ever fancy being a mortician?
Click on the 'broken!' front light to see the aftermath.

'54 Deluxe, Chassis number 20 094041.
A basket case, but a complete one!

'51 standard, Chassis number 20-09301.
This is the dream come true:- an unrestored '51 bus still amazingly original (bar the additional lamps) and in fantastic condition. It is pure class, I have never seen a bus so amazing, both Sebastien Corne and I had trouble leaving it behind in Hannover as it had been up for sale. Sadly, at least sadly for us Europeans it has now gone to live in the States. At least I was lucky enough to see it before it went. Look out for it you lot who live over the pond, it it is great!

'54 standard, Chassis number 20 105624.
Fred Flintstone would love this.
No floor
This bus also sports the worst attempts at welding I think I have ever seen.

Barndoor 15 window. As rare as they come!
The Behr air scoop was fitted at a later date. The photos have been quite kind to this bus, as in reality it needs quite a lot of work. It is famous, however, and can be seen on Belgian television posing as a police truck.
'54 deluxe.
Another barndoor deluxe peeking out from a barn in Sweden. This bus is remarkably solid and is soon to undergo restoration.
'53 Ambulance.
Perfect for those 'super safe' family vacations.

Julian Hunt's '52 Panel Van

Chassis number. 20 037490

This bus recently won 'Best Detail' at the Volksworld show. Not bad for a panel van!

More to come!!!!